If you need information about our work or make an order you can contact us sending this form …

    … or writing us an email to


    In case you don’t understand how to make an order, we put you a simple example here.
    • samurai right handed energy katana –> 3A + 4B + 3E –> total 2 packs
    • samurai left handed shield 1 –> 2A+3C+1B–> total 1 pack + 1 bit
    If you want to customize your bits, please, let us know what bits you want to customize on the form, and we will write you about it. 
    After make your order, we will send you back a confirmation mail, it’s not necessary to response it. 
    As soon as possible, we will see your mail and we will contact with you to know additional information to your order, payment method, shipping information, the total cost, etc